4 Staycation Ideas to Recharge & Refresh

by David Fisher 11/07/2021

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Even if you can’t travel far, it’s important to plan time to get away. Canceled plans don’t mean you can’t have any fun closer to home. Staycationing is the practice of enjoying vacation activities in your own town or nearby. It can be a simple, easily affordable and safe way to have fun and recharge with your family or loved ones. If you’re looking for some easy staycation ideas, here are some to get you started:

Go for a “Sunday Drive”

“Sunday driving” is an old tradition you can do any day of the week. Basically, the term refers to going for a drive with no particular schedule or destination. Some also call these scenic drives, but you don’t have to go anywhere far away to enjoy the sights. You might find that there are many scenic drives very close by! Pack some water, snacks, your favorite music and fill up the tank for a safe and relaxing adventure that will allow you to enjoy the sights at a safe social distance.

Camp In Your Backyard

Backyard camping is an excellent way to get away without leaving your own property. Set up a tent and space for hanging out in the yard with cozy staples from inside like throw pillows, blankets and even furniture. You can cook a meal outdoors on a camp stove or grill to get the camping experience with the benefit of your own kitchen nearby. Not only is this a very easy and comfortable way to staycation, it’s easy on the environment. You can use your own dishes and silverware rather than plastic or paper alternatives. You can also go inside to wash up or use the bathroom without worrying about managing waste water.

Escape Into Nature

You can combine the benefits of exercise and fresh air by staycationing in nature. Getting away from the house and exploring a hiking trail or bike path is a great way to refresh without risking travel. You can look up local parks and recreation areas to see if hiking trails are open for visitors or pick a driving destination for a deeper trip into nature. While you might encounter others on your adventure, you can still avoid crowded places and other risks of travel. You also have the opportunity to combine your trip with other hobbies like photography, birdwatching or geocaching.

Travel the World… In Your Kitchen!

One of the best things about traveling to unknown places is trying the food. Luckily, you can still get some of the same experience in your own home. Look online for traditional staple meals from other cultures or even just other cities—then try to make them yourself! Even if you don’t get an opportunity to experience the “real” thing for a while, you will enjoy the challenge of cooking and trying something brand new. If you have a family or housemates, get everybody involved in the process for an excellent communal activity. Maybe you will discover a new favorite homemade meal.

It’s more important than ever to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun. Planning time away from home or even just your home office is important for your health and happiness even if you can’t go on your dream vacation. These are just a few of the great staycation options you can plan to refresh, recharge and enjoy your local area.

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